Buying Sight Unseen

During my career in real estate, I’ve worked with a lot of buyers who have bought a home sight unseen. It can seem daunting but, if you’re like my military buyers, it’s something that can be necessary.

So – how do you do it?

It takes a little extra work on both our parts. For you, it’s having to revisit your Wants/Needs list quite often, keeping in mind what is truly important to you. The first thing I’ll want to know are the basics:

- time lines for moving – do you have your orders in hand?
- size of home
- bedrooms/bathrooms
- single story or multi level
- your budget.

Once we have that figured out, we’ll talk about the things you’d like to have:

- pool and/or spa
- 3 car garage
- updated features

For me, it’s visiting homes on your behalf with my cameras in hand, ready to do walk through videos and even a Google Hangout with you as we look. I have been known to do a floor plan or two with my crayons!

Together, I’ll help you learn Tucson and the different neighborhoods that are available. Looking at a map, it’s hard to tell just how close a neighborhood is. (As this website grows, you’ll be able to see more information on different areas of town, distances to base and their amenities.)

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