Part One: I’ve Got My Orders..Now What?

Getting orders to your next post can make one a little nervous. Put selling your current home on that list and now you’ve got the potential for stress beyond your wildest imagination.

STOP! It’s going to be ok. Trust me. I’m a REALTOR!

First things first: call me. That’s your first important step. We’ll sit down together and go over all sorts of things. My number 1 goal for you is to get you sold.

For our first meeting, please have the following available:
- Any and all information regarding the Homeowners Association
- A list of upgrades you’ve done
- A current picture of your mortgage – how much you currently owe, if you are behind on payments, who your lender is

We’ll go over your timeline – as soon as you have orders in hand, make an appointment with me. Remember, from contract to closing it can take anywhere from 30 to 45 days, sometimes 60 days. If you have a short report date, we need to get going as soon as possible.

Comparative Market Analysis
I’ll have a comprehensive market look for you called a CMA. This will show you what is going on in your neighborhood – what homes are selling for, how long it’s taking them to sell and what kinds of upgrades have been done. This will help you come up with the price you want to list your home for.

Walk Through
The first thing we’ll do is walk around your home so I can see it for myself. I’ll be making suggestions during this time as far as decluttering, repainting walls and minor repairs…you know, those honey do’s you’ve been putting off.

Down to The Nitty Gritty
Once we’re done with that walk through, we’ll sit down and go over the data I’ve compiled.

I might suggest a pre listing inspection, especially if you are in an old home. This will gives us a heads up on things that a buyer’s inspection will turn up, and give you an opportunity to correct those items ahead of time.

The paperwork I’ll bring for you to look over includes:
- Listing agreement – where we state the listing price, your duties while your home is listed, my duties to you, what stays with the home and more
- Seller’s Disclosure Statement – everything you know about your home. I need this completed before we list your home.
- The hiring documents – where you hire my broker and I, as his representative, to act on your behalf as your agent
- Miscellaneous forms

Prepping your Home

This could take some time so if you aren’t ready to get your listing live a few days after we’ve sat down together, we can delay the listing until you’re ready to go.

I have a comprehensive post here.

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